Aikido in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Iwae Dojo is an aikido study group located in the Santa Cruz Moutains near Boulder Creek, CA. We study traditional Japanese Budo (martial ways) in the form of Jiyushin-ryu AikiBudo using the modern educational methods taught in the Jiyushinkai organization.

Jiyushinkai Aikibudo is a principle-based system that is rooted in a study of human physiology, anatomy, and psychology (mind, body and spirit). Rather than relying upon leverage, speed, or strength, a technique must work against the strongest, fastest opponent when executed by the smallest, weakest person or it is either not a viable technique, or it is not being practiced correctly.

Our method of study is very picky, can push buttons, and challenges preconceptions about what you can and cannot do. Facing unexpected mental and physical fear in a challenging, yet supportive environment develops our spirits as well as our actual budo skills. As a result, our training revolves around the rare concept of cooperative competition, in which we try to challenge our partners technique appropriately and test our acquired knowledge in a supportive and safe atmosphere where injuries are extremely rare.

We are always looking for partners who are open to train and learn in this ‘unconventional’ environment and test their limits. No experience is required.

We are not a commercial or non-profit dojo in the normal sense, but a private educational family. If you have a sincere interest in Japanese Budo, please feel free to contact us for training opportunities.

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