Come train with us in AikiBudo!

Iwae Dojo is an aikido study group meeting 3 times a week in Boulder Creek, CA.

We study traditional Japanese Budo (martial ways) in the form of Jiyushin-ryu AikiBudo using the modern educational methods taught in the Jiyushinkai system. If a technique does not work for the smallest person against the largest person with minimal speed and force, it is either being performed incorrectly or it is not a viable technique. We stand upon the shoulders of our teachers to learn and grow in our art.

We are not a commercial or non-profit dojo in the normal sense, but a private educational family.

Experience is not required and semi-private classes are offered on an ongoing basis.

If you have a sincere interest in Japanese Budo, please feel free to contact us for training opportunities.

More information is available at and you can call directly at 831-359-1270.

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